Bullet-ridden body found in 2014 identified as Polish man

Thomas Zawierucha (Picture: Politie)

After more than a year of intensive investigation, the police have managed to identify the man whose bullet-ridden body was found in Scheurhaven in April last year. The victim has been identified as 30 year old Polish man Thomas Zawierucha.

Zawierucha's body was found in the water of Scheurhaven in Rotenburg on April 11th, 2014. The man was shot several times. The police immediately launched a large scale investigation, including commissioning a lifelike computer reconstruction of the man's face.

This investigation recently led to information about the identity of the victim. In March this year Zawierucha's sister noticed a description that may match her brother on a police website. She contacted the polish police.

Now that the identity of the victim has been confirmed, the police can continue the investigation into his death. As part of the investigation, the police look into the man's life and the events leading up to his body being discovered.

So far the police have determined that Zawierucha had been working as a handyman in several places in the Netherlands since 2010. He lived at addresses in Eindhoven, Ede, Noordwijk and around Dordrecht. He was still alive on February 23rd last year.

The police have already talked to a number of people from the vicinity of Zawierucha, but according to them, more information is always welcome. The police would like to make contact with anyone who can tell them more about Zawierucha and his life in the Netherlands and Poland. They would also like to talk to anyone who saw or spoke to the man after February 23rd last year.


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