Mayor steps down after fatal monster truck crash safety report

Hans Gerritsen, PvdA (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Arjenmaat)Hans Gerritsen, PvdA (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Arjenmaat)

Mayor Hans Gerritsen of Haaksbergen resigned on Wednesday night, acknowledging that the city council no longer has enough confidence in him after the drama surrounding the monster truck accident. "The confidence of the council is crucial for a mayor", Gerritsen said.

"It was an honor to be mayor of Haaksbergen. I had a beautiful and dynamic time, but unfortunately some terrible things also happened. I wish the victims and survivors of the accident with the monster truck power and strength. I carry what happened with me." the now former mayor said, NU reports.

The mayor gave his resignation during a city council meeting on the Dutch Safety Board's report on the fatal accident during a monster truck event in September 2014. Three people died  and 28 were injured.

According to NU, the six factions in Haaksbergen accused Gerritsen of apathy, lack of involvement, lack of guilt and lack of self reflection They feel that he should not have responded formally to all criticism surrounding the permit that was granted for the event and should have instead offered heartfelt excuses for what happened.