Over 6,000 pot plantations broken up in 2014

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Dutch police discovered 6,006 illegal pot plantations in 2014, RTL Nieuws reports. Altogether, 950 plantations were detected in Oost-Nederland region alone, which is the highest number concentrated in any one part of the country, according to the police statistics. 

Rotterdam holds second highest number with 842 illegal cannabis plantations only to be followed by Zeeland-Oost-Brabant with 763 plantations. The vast majority of the plantations were discovered in barns, houses and vacant commercial properties, RTL said.

Nearly 300 of the marijuana farms were found outdoors on private property or in an open field.

During last year, the police confiscated 1.8 million cannabis plants and cuttings and 2,000 kilograms of harvested hemp tops.