King's Day street vendors to earn 92 euros on average

Flea market on Mosveld, Amsterdam Noord (Picture: Wikimedia Commons / David Stanley)Flea market on Mosveld, Amsterdam Noord (Picture: Wikimedia Commons / David Stanley)

Celebrants selling their wares across the Netherlands on King's Day are expected to earn a total of 330 million euros, ING analysts stated on Friday. Over a quarter of the nation's adults are planning to sell used items this year, and are expected to make 92 euros on average per person. 

Impromptu flea markets draw big crowds every year. This year 57 percent of all Dutch people over 18-years old are expected to attend flea markets, and over three quarters of the whole population will celebrate on Monday, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander.

Money is the main motive to sell at a flea market, as only for one in six vendors of the planned sellers do it just to clean out the house. For over a quarter of the Dutch, selling is primarily just for fun, and for 12 percent the main motive is to squeeze new life out of old stuff.

The 330 million euro estimate is considerably higher than what was made in 2013. Only 15 percent of the adults cleared their garages and attics to put up a sale two years ago, making 186 million euros all together, according to ING. Books and toys have reportedly been the most popular items to be sold on flea markets.

Weather plays an important role on the matter and during recent years, many vendors have dropped out at the last minute. It has been estimated, that when raining, 40 percent of the planned vendors will postpone selling their antiquities and junk.

Buyers also bail out when the weather is bad, bringing only a third of the planned buyers to flea markets. A cloudy, chilly and rainy day is predicted for Monday.