#SaveUberPOP petition quickly draws 10,000 supporters

Alternative taxi company Uber started a petition in order to save its court-banned function UberPOP, the firm writes on their website. The petition drew nearly 10,800 supporters by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, and it will be submitted to Infrastructure and Environment Secretary Wilma Mansveld.

The company wants the government to temporarily lift the ban on UberPOP, if the cars used are fully insured and inspected, drivers are pre-screened and given performance reviews, and pricing is fully transparent.

While the cabinet says it is currently working on renewed legislation to allow more room for innovation in the taxi sector, the Dutch government is taking a hardline enforcing the Netherlands ban on the service. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate is investigating the firm, which was raided twice by authorities collecting data and evidence to show that drivers are not collecting sales tax on their fares.

After being active for two years in the Netherlands, Uber has already gathered over 200,000 users and employs over 1,000 drivers, the company claims. Uber wants to use the petition to demonstrate that the public places value on the UberPOP service, and to encourage lawmakers to work quickly to adapt the current laws on taxi services.

Despite the ban, UberPOP expanded its service in the Netherlands.

Traditional taxi drivers are angered by UberPOP, and say their drivers are illegally stealing their business. Police have responded to several incidents in Rotterdam, the Hague and Amsterdam of taxi drivers running UberPOP drivers off the roadways. The spate of attacks drew criticism from lawmakers.


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