Uber and coffee
Nov 30 '16 15:50

The Netherlands' Environment and Transport Inspectorate issued a 650 thousand euro fine to Uber for violating the Taxi Act. This amount is a remnant of ap reviously imposed fine of 1 million euros for the controversial service UberPOP. According to the inspectorate, Uber gave unlicensed taxi drivers the opportunity to engage in illegelal lease agreements with cmopanies that do have taxi licenses, NU.nl reports.

An Uber driver
Mar 14 '16 16:15

Alternative taxi service Uber paid 450 thousand euros in fines on behalf of UberPOP drivers caught working as unlicensed cab drivers in the Netherlands. The Environment and Transportation Inspectorate in the Netherlands targeted UberPOP 33 times last year, arresting 40 people, according to a report from Secretary Sharon Dijksma sent to Parliament on Friday.

An Uber driver
Nov 19 '15 07:37

Uber has given up the fight to keep UberPop in the Netherlands. The controversial taxi service, with which unlicensed taxi drivers use their own cars to drive customers around, will no longer be available in the country from Friday afternoon, Uber announced on Wednesday.

An Uber driver
Sep 29 '15 12:43

The Public Prosecutor in the Netherlands ordered a raid on the Dutch offices of taxi and ride share company Uber. The firm is being investigated as a criminal enterprise over its continued use of the alternative taxi service UberPOP.

The Uber App in Paris
Sep 10 '15 11:17

Online taxi service Uber launched a new service in Amsterdam on Thursday - UberX. UberX is a cheaper extension of the service UberBlack. This new service is cheaper because customers are transported in a middle-class car like a Toyota Prius, instead of the luxury cars of UberBlack.

An Uber driver
Aug 17 '15 08:56

Controversial taxi service Uber plans to launch a new taxi service in the Netherlands after the summer for which only licensed, professional taxi drivers will be hired.

Jul 20 '15 10:08

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs is working with other ministries and the private sector to look for ways to give innovative technology based companies such as Uber and Airbnb more space to develop within the legislation.

An Uber driver
Jun 12 '15 09:56

Controversial taxi service UberPop is no longer offering rides to the Dutch population in general, but the service is still available to selected regular customers.

May 28 '15 14:53

State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and the Environment should do more to encourage local experimentation with taxi apps.

An Uber driver
May 19 '15 09:15

The Environment and Transport Inspectorate has increased the maximum penalty for taxi company Uber from 100 thousand euros to 1 million euros. Each time a UberPop driver is caught, Uber will receive a fine of 50 thousand euros, which could add up to a total of 1 million euros.

May 6 '15 08:03

State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure plans to relax the rules for taxis in general. But UberPop remains illegal as the service does not meet the requirements, according to Mansveld.

An Uber driver
Apr 29 '15 19:39

Uber will only approve drivers for its UberPOP service if they have an official Dutch chauffeur's license, the transport service said Wednesday. The service will assist drivers to get the permit, with the drivers contributing a 400-euro investment, NU reported.

An Uber driver
Apr 17 '15 12:34

The police court in Amsterdam fined three UberPop drivers to a fine of 1,500 euros on Friday for transporting passengers for a fee without having the necessary permits.

An Uber driver
Apr 14 '15 17:20

Alternative taxi company Uber started a petition in order to save its court-banned function UberPOP, the firm writes on their website. The petition drew nearly 10,800 supporters by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, and it will be submitted to Infrastructure and Environment Secretary Wilma Mansveld.

Apr 2 '15 16:49

The Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) together with police arrested an Amsterdam employee of alternative taxi service Uber for "deliberately not cooperating" when ILT visited the company's headquarters on Thursday, a spokesman said.

Mar 27 '15 09:43

UberPop drivers are evading taxes by not charging VAT for the trips they make. According to Uber, it is impossible to charge VAT as the UberPop drivers are not registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Mar 26 '15 14:01

The Environment and Transport Inspectorate raided Uber headquarters in Amsterdam Thursday morning, NOS reports. The raid was aimed against the UberPop service. The inspectorate seized copies to get an idea of the scale of the illegal service.

Henk Kamp, VVD, Economic Affairs (Source: Wikimedia/Helene C Stikkel)
Mar 23 '15 13:51

According to Minister Henk Kamp (Economic Affairs, VVD), innovative companies such as internet taxi service Uber should not be ignored. He said this on the current affairs program Buitenhof yesterday, NOS reports.

Mar 18 '15 13:34

Amsterdam wants the Environment and Transport Inspectorate to monitor UberPop drivers more strictly, Het Parool reports. The municipal council is worried about the violent attacks on Uberpop drivers, such as the recent incidents where UberPop drivers were attacked by a group of masked men armed with hammers and brass knuckles.

Mar 17 '15 11:18

A group of masked men armed with hammers and brass knuckles recently attacked UberPop drivers in Amsterdam, AT5 reports. At least two of the UberPop drivers have filed charges against the group. The attacks occurred last week Tuesday.

An Uber driver
Feb 28 '15 12:48

Running UberPOP drivers off the road and detaining drivers until police arrive is not acceptable, says Infrastructure and Environment Secretary Wilma Mansveld. Several traditional taxi drivers have tried to box in the alternative service’s drivers in recent weeks as a protest over the company’s business practices.

Feb 26 '15 14:16

It seems that Rotterdam taxi drivers are following the example of taxi drivers in The Hague when it comes to UberPOP drivers.

Feb 23 '15 10:41

There were several incidents of taxi drivers running UberPop drivers off the road in The Hague on Friday night and Saturday morning, AT5 reports.

Feb 17 '15 16:57

US-based taxi application Uber is now making their services available in Utrecht despite a ban put in place against one of the company's schemes in the Netherlands. The company does not only offer the regular UberBLACK service but the forbidden UberPOP as well, Uber stated on Tuesday. The application is now available in the four largest cities in the Randstad area.


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