Dutch Senate wants to pay for Rome fountain repairs

The Eerste Kamer (Senate) wants the Netherlands to make a financial contribution to repair the damage done to the Barcaccia fountain in Rome by rioting Feyenoord supporters, NOS reports. The Cabinet has pledged support to private initiatives launched for this matter, but Minister Bert Koenders (Foreign Affairs) and Minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) did not explicitly discuss compensation.

According to the VVD, PvdA and D66 in the Eerste Kamer, the Cabinet is not doing enough. The senators wrote a letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte asking whether the Cabinet is considering other gestures, such as compensation for the repair work.

"This really affects the image of all Dutch. This is a world heritage piece. You must show something here and say: this needs to be repaired, and we share in the damage." D66 Senator Roger van Boxtel said. PvdA Senator Marleen Barth agrees. "You may see this as a cal to decency from the Senate to all of the Netherlands."

The Senators wants the damage to be ultimately paid by the perpetrators.