PM Rutte praises Amsterdam on business at ICL Europe opening

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was on hand at the opening of the new European headquarters of Israeli-owned global production and manufacturing company Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL) in Amsterdam.

In his speech, Rutte said he was "delighted" to welcome the company's headquarters to Amsterdam. He referred to a conversation he had earlier with Stefan Borgas, the company's CEO, about where to locate ICL's head office. "I like to think Amsterdam was the only possible choice! Because for centuries, it's been known for its mix of dynamism and reliability," Rutte said.

The establishment of the new European headquarters, global procurement organization and their Shared Service Center in Amsterdam is expected to create 300 new jobs in the coming years and increase growth potential for the city's port.

Rutte said that Amsterdam's "top-quality services, excellent infrastructure, highly-skilled professionals, [and] a pleasant living environment" makes it "attractive as a base for foreign companies," and called it a "win-win situation" for all involved."

ICL manufactures products based on special mineral resources, specifically in the markets of agriculture, food and additives. This ties in well with the top Dutch production sectors, the Prime Minister said.

The company is now firmly planted in Amsterdam-West. It has production facilities in Israel, Europe, the US and China. One third of its total turnover of 6.3 billion USD comes from Europe, according to Boer en Business.

Additional ICL offices are already established in the Dutch cities Heerlen,Terneuzen and Waardenburg, and they have a second location in Amsterdam.