High winds return to Netherlands this week

Stormy weather seen Thursday along the Wadden Sea (richardtkiewiet/Twitter)Stormy weather seen Thursday along the Wadden Sea (richardtkiewiet/Twitter)

Windy weather is likely to return to the Netherlands on Wednesday, with coastal provinces now under a Code Yellow weather advisory. Freezing temperatures are likely overnight headed into the weekend and next week, though daytime highs will remain closer to three degrees celsius, according to the KNMI.
Gusts along the central and northern coastlines could reach up to 90 km/h, with rain likely Wednesday and over the weekend, the government’s meteorological office predicts. Some wet snow is possible late on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

High temperatures on Wednesday are expected to climb as high as nine degrees in some parts of the country, reports Weer Online, though the KNMI says overnight freezing temperatures are expected to continue for at least a week.