Netherlands not the NSA's lapdog: Interior Minister

Ronald Plasterk
Ronald Plasterk, 27 August 2009.Photo: Wikimedia/Roel Wijnants.

The Dutch intelligence services AIVD and MIVD are not the whipping boys of the American intelligence community, in particular the NSA, states the Dutch Minister of Interior, Ronald Plasterk. The statement is a response to an accusation made by former NSA employee and US whistleblower Edward Snowden, who said Dutch intelligence services walk on an American leash and are "extremely docile."

"The Dutch intelligence services adhere to Dutch laws that are all out in public and set by the government. The services do what they need to do," said Plasterk after Snowden's accusations.

"Everyone knows exactly what the Dutch services do. That is what they should do and it is determined regularly by a supervising authority."

However, Snowden claims the NSA scoffs at most of the secret services in Europe, saying they do not respect AIVD and MIVD for their abilities, but rather the smooth cooperation and geographically advantageous position to spy on many neighbors, says Snowden.

The Americans respect the French secret service, because they have the ability to carry out an attack against NSA, according to Snowden.