High winds continue as snow dusts over northern Netherlands

Violent winds create dangerous conditions: fallen tree blocks road in Gouda (

"Code yellow" weather warnings have been issued by Dutch weather analysts for the seventh day in a row, with extreme winds continue to cause unrest across the country. A warning issued by government meteorologists KNMI for Wednesday extended through today as expected, and could continue through Friday.

Extreme wind is being reported across the country, prompting the warnings to again include the inland provinces of Utrecht and Flevoland. Severe wind gusts are also expected along coastal provinces and in the hills of Limburg, where the wind is currently reaching speeds of up to 90km/h.

The severe wind along the coast is predicted to linger into Friday, when gusts will blow at up to approximately 100km/h, before becoming more mild into the weekend.

Some rain and wind are also expected in the north of the country Thursday night, which played a was briefly host to the country's first snow fall of the year. About one inch fell in Friesland on Wednesday, dusting the streets of Drenthe and Groningen with a small layer of wet snow. It did not last long due to a temperature increase in the region.