High winds predicted in weather warning

Stormy weather seen Thursday along the Wadden Sea (richardtkiewiet/Twitter)Stormy weather seen Thursday along the Wadden Sea (richardtkiewiet/Twitter)

Wind speeds up to 90 km/h have been predicted for much of the Netherlands on Friday and Saturday, meteorological department KNMI reports. The agency issued a Code Yellow weather warning for the entire country likely in effect through Saturday.

Winds could even reach up to 100 km/h in some coastal areas on Friday morning.

The weather experts say that the entire country will see winds between 80 and 90 km/h, but the gusty weather should die down in the afternoon.

By Saturday, the blustery weather will start back up and range from 75-100 km/h.

The high winds are expected to bring higher water levels in the north of the country, including in the Groningen city of Delfzijl, Den Helder, Noord-Holland and Harlingen in Friesland. Drivers, bicyclists and boaters on the IJsselmeer will likely be affected by the rising water, says government infrastructure department Rijkswaterstaat.