Few police rapid response teams deployed overnight

No major incidents were reported during New Year's night. The police reports that there were some disturbances in which the mobile unit was deployed. The mobile unit was deployed in Nijmegen, Utrecht and Culemborg. Several people were also injured and there were several fires.

In Millngen two people were injured by a firework bomb and in NIeuwkoop a 4 year old girl had to go to the hospital because she was injured by a firework. A 13 year old boy seriously injured his hand in Rotterdam when the firework he picked up exploded. A man caught fire when a firework fell over, also in Rotterdam. In Capelle a man's face was injured by mortar.

Six people were arrested on the Vogelplein in Dordrecht for setting off fireworks and heavy intoxication. In Rotterdam the mobile unit was deployed to a community center where things were restless. The mobile unit checked for heavy fireworks, but did not find any. Youths pelted police officers with stones and fireworks in Hoograven, Utrecht.

Everything remained calm in Amsterdam and The Hague. According to police in the capital, there was a good atmosphere even though it was very busy. A police spokesperson in The Hague said that there were "no noteworthy incidents".

Large fires raged in various places throughout the country. A primary school in Uden, Noord-Braband burned down and the adjacent primary school was severely damaged. Two shops in Alkmaar went up in flames after a fire started on a roof.

People were rescued from burning houses in Tilburg and The Hague. In The Hague firefighters rescued a disabled man who was taken to the hospital in a worrying condition. The other occupant of the house, who was able to leave the building unaided, was also taken to the hospital. Neighbors rescued a baby from a burning house in Tilburg. According to a spokesperson for the fire department, the baby inhaled smoke, but is doing well.