Male suspect sought in dumped baby case; details revealed

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The police are looking for a dark tinted man in connection with the baby who was found in an underground garbage bin on Sunday. The baby was found at about 04:15 a.m. on Sunday in a garbage bin in the Fritz Conijnstraat in Amsterdam. A passerby heard crying and raised the alarm. Emergency workers pulled a newborn girl from the container. The baby is doing well. She was initially taken to the hospital where it was established that the girl has lightly tinted skin and is between 10 and 20 days old. She is now in a foster home where she is well taken care of. The child protection is now her official guardian. At about 04:15 on Sunday, the same time the baby was found, a light colored sedan was parked near the container, playing loud music. The driver was a tinted man of about 30 years old, between 1.75 meters and 1.8 meters, with short dark hair. He drove away in the direction of Burgemeester Vening Meineszlaan. The police really want to know this man's identity and is asking anyone who might have seen anything out of the ordinary, to come forward. There are indications that the child has had a heel prick. There may also be people who helped care for the baby or help bring her into this world. The police ask those people to come forward. The people who are bound by professional secrecy and don't know whether they can call the tip line, can turn to the advisory board of their profession. The baby has a large discoloration, a pigment stain, on her bottom. Both her ring fingers are permanently bent.

When she was found she was wearing a white romper from the brand Petit Villain with a slogan I love Opa. She was also wearing a gray shirt from the brand People and white pants from Hema. The baby was found in a plastic bag from the Italian clothing brand Globo.