Prosecutors undecided on Deurne jewellery store shooting case

Police investigating the shooting death of two burglars at Goldies jewelry store in Deurne (Joey van Maanen / Twitter)Police investigating the shooting dead of two burglars at Goldies jewelry store in Deurne (Joey van Maanen / Twitter)

The jeweler's wife of the store Goldies in Deurne will hear this month if she will be criminally prosecuted for shooting down two robbers in March. Jan-Heijn Kuijpers, the lawyer of Marina S. and her husband, the store owner, tells the Eindhovens Dagblad. 

The jeweler's wife shot and killed two armed robbers, 20-year-old Abdel H. and 29-year-old Youssef F., inside the jewelry store owned by her husband and herself. Kuijpers earlier said that "she shot in blind panic. It couldn't be any other way." The woman says she shot in self-defense.

This month, there will be a decision on her case. Earlier, it was announced that the decision would come at the end of August. This was delayed due to the technical investigation of the National Forensic Investigation unit into the MH17 plane crash.

The jeweler himself, Willy, is not a suspect in this case and will therefore also not be prosecuted. Kuijpers does not expect a sentence for Marina either, as all evidence points to the woman having acted in self-defense.