Police arrest Hague jihadist recruiters

A team of the Regional Crime squad in The Hague arrested a 32 year old man and a 24 year old woman in Germany for various offenses. This was done in cooperation with the German authorities on behalf or the Public Prosecutor in The Hague. Both of these suspects are residents of The Hague.

Another 24 year old suspect was arrested at his home in the Hague on Wednesday, August 27th.

The two male suspects are suspected of recruiting for the armed terrorist struggle in Syria and/or Iraq and for conspiring and preparing to do murder/manslaughter with terrorist intent. All three are suspected of sedition and inciting hatred among others through various social media and news websites, with the goal of instigating a terrorist crime.

Nine arrests have been made during the investigation into jihad attendees, with a total of five suspects now being held. This is an ongoing investigation and more arrests may still be made. In July 2013 a 19 year old resident of Zoetermeer was arrested on suspicion of recruitment for the struggle in Syria. In April a 23 year old Amsterdam returnee was arrested for preparing to commit homicide with terrorist intent. In June of this year an 18 year old resident of The Hague was arrested on suspicion of recruiting people to take part in the armed struggle in Syria.

The police, the Public Prosecution, local authorities, the AIVD and NCTV have been working together for some time in a broad approach against jihad attendees.