Gay couple beaten on A'dam canal

A gay couple were assaulted by four men on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam Saturday night. One of the men, 25-year old Ronald, was beaten so hard that his piercings came out of his ear. He lost his hearing in that ear as well. 

Ronald was walking along the Prinsengracht near the Raamstraat with his boyfriend, their arms around each other. This caught the attention of the four assailants. Ronald says that they yelled homophobic words at them. "Dirty homos!"

Ronald replied "thank you, what a lovely compliment", telling Het Parool that he didn't even shout back at them to shut up or anything, and was therefore surprised when they reacted so violently.

One of the attackers then ran up to Ronald threateningly. "I turned away and was hit on the side of my face, on my jaw and ear. So hard that three piercing were beaten out of my ear." When Ronald fell on the ground, he was kicked twice, before his attacker ran away with the three others behind him.

Ronald has reported the incident to the police, saying that the culprits are around the age of twenty with a light tinted skin color. He was treated at the hospital, and it seems his injuries are not serious. He also has his hearing back.

The police has camera images of the culprits, which may be televised if necessary. Ronald is shocked, but also, sadly, saw this coming. "It had to happen some time. Let this then be my time. I have heard so often from friends recently that they have been hit in the city."