Paris gay bashers get 2.5 years in prison

Two of the attackers who assaulted Wilfred de Bruijn and his boyfriend in Paris have both been sentenced to 30 months in jail, of which respectively 12 and 15 are conditional. De Bruijn, who is a gay man, and lives in Paris, was suddenly and brutally attacked when he was walking arm in arm with his boyfriend down the street at night. 

The verdict in the case was delivered yesterday in the French capital. The 19-year old Taieb B., also known as Redouane, was sentenced to 2.5 years, one of which conditional. The second suspect, Abdelmalik M. (19), got 30 months, of which 15 conditional.

The third suspect, Kidé T. (21), was given a six month conditional sentence. He did not engage in the assault, but stood by and did nothing to stop the other suspects.

According to the NRC, De Bruijn, and his French partner Olivier, were walking home from a party in Paris when they were approached by the assailants with the words "look, homo's." They were then beaten. De Bruijn was left with a broken tooth, and fractures in his jawbone and skull.