Verdict in French gay bashing case expected

Today, the court in Paris will deliver a verdict against three of the four men who are suspected of abusing Dutch gay man Wilfred de Bruijn last year. Last month, up to two years jail time was demanded against them.Last year in April, De Bruijn was heavily beaten when he was walking through Paris back to his house after a party. The next day, he placed a photograph of his bruised and bloody face on Facebook. Social media exploded with rage against this act of homophobia. The image was also used in a demonstration by gay rights groups in Paris a few days later.

De Bruijn told Novum Nieuws that he has full confidence in the court, and that justice will prevail. He is also impressed with the work of the police. "We know in how many cases of violence on the street a suspect has never been found."

The four suspects were caught in September last year. Against Taieb K. (19), two years was demanded from the beginning, plus one year conditional. The Public Prosecution Authority want Abdelmalik M. (19) to receive one and a half years, plus one year conditional. The other suspects K. and M. are still in custody.

The 21-year old Kidé T. was already demanded six month in a cell plus another six months conditional. He did not partake in the violence, but also did nothing to stop the others. T. is now free. The fourth suspect must still appear before the juvenile court.


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