Man with gun caught at Den Haag train station

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Police in The Hague apprehended a 24-year old man on Den Haag Centraal Station on Tuesday. The man was carrying several fire arms, the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) report. 

According to the Department of Justice, the incident had nothing to do with the Nuclear Security Summit that was held in the city.

It is still unclear if the man was arrested in a train, on the platform or in the hall. The OM said the man was displaying "suspicious behavior", which made police officers decide to stop him.

In the bag the man was carrying, police discovered several fire arms. he was directly escorted to the police department.

The police is now investigating where the weapons came from.

A spokesperson for the ministry of Foreign Affairs said that American president Barack Obama and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel were still busy discussing bilateral ties on Tuesday before departing for the Summit. This is why they arrived later to the World Forum. Their delay had nothing to do with the arrest of the armed man at Den Haag CS.