CDA voter fraud investigated in Friesland

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Possible voter fraud is also happening in the Frisian coastal municipality of Het Bildt. The CDA, in a folder, is offering to vote for those who are not able to do so via authorization. 

The folder states: "If it is not possible for you to cast your vote yourself, you can contact Nel Haarsma. Your possible authorization can then be arranged in consultation", regional paper the Bildtse Post reports.

According to mayor Gerrit Krol of Het Bildt, the passage has to be placed in a grey area of what can be considered admissible.

The SGP in Twenterand in Overijssel is also trying to win votes with this kind of wording. The Election Council has already reprimanded them about this.

Last week, PvdA frontrunner Osman Suna had to renounce his candidacy in Soest after he tried to rig the elections by recruiting voters at a mosque.

Reports of vote rigging also came from Heusden and Roermond.