Police suspect mobile drug lab in highway chase

Koninklijke Marechaussee van

The Royal Military Police has found possible drug detritus in a van after a chase on the N271 at Venlo. 

During an MTV-monitoring, the police chased the van, which was subsequently forcibly stopped on the Blerick exit. The police car was damaged when the van rammed the vehicle.

The Royal Military Police chased the van because it was declared as a stolen vehicle a few days before. When officers wanted to stop the van, the driver drove on.

When the vehicle was eventually stopped, one passenger was apprehended, a 44-year old man from Roermond. A second managed to escape, eye-witnesses said.

In the Venlo surroundings, there have been regular discoveries of barrels with drugs detritus over the last few months.

Police found several jerry cans in the van, containing possible chemical substances.

The contents of the jerry cans are being investigated to figure out the origin and composition of the substances.


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