Man running from cops stopped by billboard

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A man sustained serious injuries Thursday evening when he slammed face-first into an advertising billboard as he tried to run from police while concealing a gun. Dutch police report that officers were carrying out preventive searches at the Bijlmer/Arena Metro station in Amsterdam ZuidOost around 8.15pm when the incident took place. When the officers approached the man, he suddenly got up and ran away, but he came to an abrupt stop a few meters further-on when he ran into an advertising sign at the station. He severely damaged his neck.

As he dropped down, officers called for an ambulance and provided medical attention while waiting for paramedics to arrive. They then found the gun he was carrying. "The reason the man ran away became clear: he is in possession of a firearm," police said. t was obvious he was running to hide the weapon, but it caused him to severely injure his neck. Police arrested the man and sent him to the hospital. As of Friday morning he was reportedly in an intensive care unit.