Low Poll Ratings for PvdA

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Voters continue to turn their backs on the Labour Party (PvdA). If elections for parliament were held now, the party would only get 11 seats, one less than the figure a week ago. This is evident from the poll results published on Sunday by Maurice de Hond. 

According to de Hond, the PvdA has never scored so poorly in the polls.

In addition, the VVD coalition partner would lose a seat, according to the poll. The Liberals would now have 19 seats, the lowest number since 2010. In the House, VVD and PvdA have 41 and 38 seats, respectively.

The PVV is the largest party in this poll with 32 virtual seats, one more than last week's tally. SP with 24 seats would be the second largest party in the House. D66 would win a seat and equal the number of virtual seats of the VVD.

Rutte has no vision.

The ratings for Prime Minister Mark Rutte are not good either. 59 percent think he has no vision for the future of the Netherlands; two out of three think that he often changes his mind; and more than half believe that he squanders the VVD principles and that he is unsuitable as prime minister.

Last Thursday, it turned out that VVD and PvdA had spoken this summer to D66 about the membership of that party of the government, but the talk was not successful. According to de Hond, 58 percent do not think that it is a good idea to include other parties in the coalition. An equally large group thinks that this addition of another party may not happen without new elections.

Almost half of the respondents expect that the government in its current composition (VVD and PvdA) will no longer exist in half a year's time.