Cops shot at, cash grabbed in daring raid

Several people used explosives to blast through the side door of a money transportation's branch office in Best, Noord Brabant, Wednesday night. Shortly after the attempted burglary of Brinks Security's Cash-in-Transit division, police officers were shot at nearby by someone armed with an automatic weapon.

Police swarmed the scenes of a robbery and shooting in Best. No arrests have been made (112Best/Twitter)

No Brinks staff members were harmed during the break-in, and no officers were injured in the shooting.

The shooting took place on a provincial road between Eersel and Bergeijk during an attempt by the police to stop a suspicious vehicle. The suspects managed to escape. According to the police, it is not yet clear whether the robbers of the cash depot were also involved in the nearby shooting.

The robbery took place on Wednesday night around 11 pm. Brinks confirmed that a quantity of cash was stolen, but they refused to say how much was taken. The investigation into the robbery stopped for a period after experts located a "suspicious object," later identified as explosives left by the gang .

Unnamed sources told broadcaster Omroep Brabant that both the robbery and shooting could be the work of a Belgian-based gang that may operate in neighboring countries, including the Netherlands.