money transport

Mar 31 '17 14:50

On Wednesday the police arrested six people suspected of involvement in a valuables transport robbery in Amsterdam in December. One of the suspects is the driver of the transport van, the police said in a statement on Friday, ANP reports.

Five suspects were arrested in Amsterdam, one in Utrecht. Some of the stolen goods were also recovered. 

Dec 29 '14 09:26

Approximately 230 of Rabobank's ATM's are empty because of the strike at money transporter Brinks Nederland, Rabobank announced on Sunday. That is 10 percent of the 2,300 ATM's the bank has in the Netherlands.

Dec 26 '14 10:25

According to CNV Vakmensen, money transport company Brinks has not responded on an ultimatum from the unions. Actions will start on Saturday and ATM's will not be refilled by Brinks employees, says CNV director Peter de Ridder.

Apr 15 '13 17:05

Two men robbed an armored car in Alphen aan den Rijn, in the province of South Holland. They took an unknown amount of money and fled on a grey scooter.

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