Rabobank ATMs empty after armoured car strike

Approximately 230 of Rabobank's ATM's are empty because of the strike at money transporter Brinks Nederland, Rabobank announced on Sunday. That is 10 percent of the 2,300 ATM's the bank has in the Netherlands.

The strike had a much smaller effect among the other banks. A spokesperson for ABN Amro said that at most 20 to 30 of the banks ATM's stand a chance of being empty. This is mainly because most of the bank's ATM's are refilled by other service providers. According to a spokesperson for SNS Bank, the strike had little to no impact.

On Friday unions called on their members to not refill the ATM's of Rabobank, ABN Amro and SNS Bank from Saturday. This is in protest against the lack of a good social plan for the approximately 600 Brinks Nederland employees who will be losing their jobs.

The management of Brinks Nederland announced on Saturday that they asked the court to prohibit further actions. The case will appear in the court in Utrecht today.