Wilma Mansveld

Nov 27 '15 14:10

ProRail may be getting 175 million euros less subsidy next year because the company has been pushing money for maintenance and repairs forward for years, instead of using it to repair train tracks.

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Nov 2 '15 09:47

The majority of the Dutch voters are happy with the public letter in which the party leaders called on the population to keep a cool head during the asylum debate. An even larger majority thinks that the party leaders themselves are responsible for the escalation, with PVV leader Geert Wilders being named most often.

Nov 2 '15 09:14

Labour leader Diederik Samsom has nominated PvdA parliamentarian Martijn van Dam to take over as State Secretary of Economic Affairs. The current state secretary Sharon Dijksma is expected to move to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to take over from Wilma Mansveld, who resigned last week.

Oct 29 '15 07:33

Sharon Dijksma, the current State Secretary of Economic Affairs, seems to be the most popular candidate to succeed Wilma Mansveld as State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment. Mansveld stepped down on Wednesday following the report on the fiasco surrounding high-speed train Fyra.

Oct 28 '15 15:01

Wilma Mansveld has resigned as State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment following the report on the Fyra fiasco. The report's findings made it impossible for her to keep her position

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Oct 28 '15 12:51

Other interests were repeatedly but ahead of the needs of the passengers in the debacle surrounding Fyra high-speed train between Amsterdam and Brussels, which eventually cost some 800 million euros. The NS and the State is particularly guilty of this.

Sep 16 '15 13:38

ProRail is facing a budget shortfall of approximately 575 million euros for projects planned in the period 2018 to 2028.

Sep 14 '15 08:40

The rebuilding of Utrecht Central Station is costing significantly more than initially expected. So far the project is 53 million euros over budget.

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Sep 1 '15 08:36

The government will be appealing against the court ruling that stated that they should be doing more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but is willing to take additional environmental measures to achieve this.

Aug 31 '15 13:54

Arkefly will not be allowed to make flights between Eindhoven and Aruba and Curacao. The government wants flights with increased risk of drug smuggling to only go through airports with adequate control facilities. At this stage only Schiphol Airport has ample facilities for such flights.

An Uber driver
Aug 17 '15 08:56

Controversial taxi service Uber plans to launch a new taxi service in the Netherlands after the summer for which only licensed, professional taxi drivers will be hired.

Jul 22 '15 14:36

Eindhoven Airport could increase it's flight movements - takeoffs and landings - from nearly 29 thousand to 43 thousand in 2020, former minister Hans Alders advised on Tuesday after speaking with those involved

Jul 17 '15 14:38

The MH17 memorial in Nieuwegein started at 2:00 p.m. About 1,300 relatives and friends of the victims have gathered at the convention center to commemorate the disaster, which happened one year ago today.

KLM boeing 787
Jul 14 '15 09:43

Dozens of passenger planes are still flying over war zones and conflict areas - such as Mali, South Sudan and Sinai - on a daily basis. This includes airlines KLM and Air France as well as other European airlines such as Lufthansa and British Airways.

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Jul 7 '15 11:00

The cabinet is working an a new smog alarm to better inform the more than a million Dutch people suffering from respiratory problems of impurities in the air.

Jun 29 '15 16:25

The fine for using public transport without paying will double from 35 euros to 70 euros, State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and Environment announced on Monday.

Jun 25 '15 09:50

Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health has made agreements with parties in healthcare to curb improper use of antibiotics and instead focus on infection prevention. This is an extra effort in the fight against antibiotics resistance.

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Jun 17 '15 13:21

The NS staff will not be armed armed with pepper spray and batons. Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice announced this decision in a letter to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Wednesday, NRC reports.

NS Train
Jun 16 '15 08:25

A total of 112 trains ignored stop signals last year - the lowest number since the 80's. The number of kilometers traveled by trains increased almost by half in the same period.

Jun 9 '15 13:25

The Netherlands is planning to give up its unused, extra greenhouse gas allocation, the allowable amount the country may release into the atmosphere. In doing so, the Dutch government hopes to set an example to other countries in the European Union and those onboard with the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the Cabinet revealed in a statement on Tuesday.

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Jun 7 '15 11:00

After conflicting scientific reports surfaced suggesting dangerous nerve gas elements in passenger aircraft cabins, Infrastructure Secretary Wilma Mansveld now wants European cooperation in researching the situation.The Minister is also establishing a national council to approach the issue.

Jun 1 '15 15:53

Dutch labour party PvdA wants customers to pay a deposit on several types of goods that is repaid when they return the used product back to the store. The coalition partner believes that it should enhance recycling for products like clothing, toys and cans.

May 28 '15 14:53

State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and the Environment should do more to encourage local experimentation with taxi apps.

May 25 '15 10:04

Another NS employee has become the victim of violence. A passenger traveling without a ticket "freaked out" on Saturday night when the conductor asked him to show proof of identity, ANP reports


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