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Covid-19: Sign in Amsterdam's Oosterpark instructing people to stay 1.5 meters apart
May 1 '20 10:13

The number of coronavirus patients in the Netherlands is decreasing, but not at the same pace everywhere. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, for example, the figures are falling more slowly than average. Professor for microbiology Alex Friedrich of the UMC in Groningen therefore advocates for measures to be determined by region, to compensate for the differences, RTL Nieuws reports.

Covid-19: Sign in Amsterdam's Oosterpark instructing people to stay 1.5 meters apart
Apr 2 '20 09:29

Most of the measures in place to combat the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 will likely remain in force for months yet to come, according virologists from three Dutch universities, based on their analysis of figures from health institute RIVM. The Ministerial Crisis Management Committee is meeting again on Thursday afternoon, but no new major measures are expected, NOS reports.

A hospital isolation room
Apr 1 '20 08:24

A total of 1,152 people were being treated for the coronavirus in intensive care units across the Netherlands as of 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, according to figures released by foundation NICE. That is 80 more than on Tuesday morning. All in all, ICUs in the country have treated 1,450 Covid-19 patients. A total of 176 of them succumbed to the virus, others recovered and were discharged.

Scientist working in a laboratory
Mar 30 '20 16:30

Researchers in Noord-Nederland are launching a large scale study into the possible risk factors for coronavirus Covid-19. The researchers hope that this study, done by bio-bank Lifelines, the University of Groningen, UMC Groningen, and the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, will help predict the course of future infectious diseases, Dagblad van het Noorden reports.

Hospital room
Mar 30 '20 14:12

Another 93 people reportedly died after testing positive for coronavirus, public health agency RIVM said on Monday, bringing the country's total number of fatal cases to 864. More patients were also admitted to intensive care units through the course of the day, with the total number of known infections in the Netherlands rising to 11,750, an increase of 884 since Sunday. 

Entrance to UMC Groningen
Mar 24 '20 09:26

Virologist Alex Friedrich of the University Medical Center in Groningen thinks that the Netherlands should be testing more for the coronavirus Covid-19. The current testing of only risk groups is not enough and he does not understand the claim that there is not enough capacity to do more, Friedrich said in an interview with De Groene Amsterdammer.

Entrance to UMC Groningen
Mar 20 '20 15:20

Reserachers at the University Medical Center Groningen are working on a possible medicine against coronavirus Covid-19. They are trying to make two commonly used, safe and cheap malaria medicines suitable for an inhaler, so that the medicine can get deep into the airway and protect against infection there, NOS reports.

The two malaria medicines contain chloroquine. They are currently used in intensive care units around the world on critically ill Covid-19 patients, and appear to have a positive effect.

Entrance to UMC Groningen
Mar 18 '20 08:02

The Red Cross is calling on people in the Netherlands to reach out to vulnerable people around them. According to the aid organization, many people are afraid and need someone to talk to. Meanwhile, the University Medical Center in Groningen (UMCG) is opening an outpatient clinic specifically for patients who may have the coronavirus Covid-19.

All inclusive sign
Feb 20 '20 14:20

Many transgender people in the Netherlands have been on waiting lists for care so long that they have started hormone treatment on their own, Trouw reports based on their own research. They share hormones among themselves, or buy them online from abroad - which is not allowed according to the Dutch Medicines Act, the newspaper writes.

Jan 21 '19 15:40

The Netherlands' national vaccination program works - some 450 children's lives are saved through it every year - but it is too limited. The Dutch government must include more infectious diseases in the national vaccination program, multiple vaccination experts said in advise to the Tweede Kamer, AD reports.

Marlboro cigarettes wiki commons
Sep 27 '18 10:50

The city council of Groningen approved a proposal by the mayor and aldermen to ban smoking in public spaces around institutions that ask for such a ban. The city will be the first to set a public space smoking ban in the Netherlands, RTL Nieuws reports.

Hospital room
Jun 4 '18 13:00

The number of medical vacancies at Dutch hospitals doubled over the past year, resulting in longer waiting lists for surgeries, broadcaster NOS reports based on its own research into staff shortages at hospitals in the Netherlands.

Dutch police
Aug 24 '16 07:36

A 3-year-old boy was seriously injured when four rottweilers attacked him on Sportlaan in the Drenthe town of Nieuw-Buinen on Tuesday afternoon. He was rushed to the hospital with severe bite wounds.

Nov 3 '15 13:33

Doctors at UMC Groningen have successfully performed an extraordinary double transplant operation - they transplanted both a small intestine and abdominal wall in one operation. This is the first abdominal transplant ever to be done in the Netherlands ant the Eurotransplant region - the group of 8 countries that collaborate in the distribution of organs

Jan 2 '15 11:29

Dozens of people were injured by fireworks over New Year's.

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