Thom de Graaf

Mar 17 '15 15:50

There have been 675 instances of Dutch Senate members voting on issues that involved a potential conflict of interest, writes Volkskrant. External affiliations of senators are raising concerns about potential compromising of their voting decisions.

Feb 24 '15 09:40

According to Thom de Graaf, the D66 leader of the Eerste Kamer (Senate), his party will only continue to support the coalition if they see more ambition from the Cabinet, BNR reports.

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Nov 3 '14 12:19

The D66 commemorated Els Borst during their 100th party congress in Den Bosch on Saturday.

May 20 '14 11:15

The D66, VVD, SP and GroenLinks are going to see whether they can form a coalition for the Amsterdam municipal council. This was advised by Roger van Boxtel (D66) and Arjan Vliegenthart (SP), who were appointed as advisors last week,

May 14 '14 08:51

The informer's report on the Amsterdam council's formation proceedings, Thom de Graaf, are leading GroenLinks to believe that the D66 were never interested in forming a council with them. The negotiations with the D66, VVD and GroenLinks in Amsterdam never led to anything, and De Graaf will make a new attempt at a council of mayors and aldermen on Tuesday.

May 9 '14 13:22

GroenLinks has left the debate table, leaving a space for the D66 to decide whether or not the PvdA is still going to be left out of the city government.

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Jun 27 '13 02:44

Pieter Broertjes, mayor of Hilversum and former chief editor of the Volkskrant, will be the new chairman of consumer organisation Consumentenbond. Broertjes was nominated by the Supervisory Board, announced Consumentenbond on Wednesday.

He succeeds former minister and Senator Thom de Graaf. After two terms of four years, De Graaf said that he is no longer eligible for re-election.

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