tax increase

Oct 14 '16 14:00

The PvdA wants to charge everyone 1 percent more tax and use that money to scrap own risk deductibles in healthcare, a spokesperson confirmed to This point will be in the labour party's campaign for next year's elections.

Oct 22 '15 11:21

Ten health organizations have written an urgent letter to the cabinet asking them not to increase the tax on bottled water. According to them, this tax increase is directly opposed to the Ministry of Public Health's prevention policy of making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Sep 3 '15 15:08

Consumers in the Netherlands can expect to soon pay more for juice, soft drinks and bottled water. The tax on these items will increase by 30 million euros, an increase of 15 percent compared to last year

Feb 3 '15 17:16

Two fuel stations near the Dutch borders lost their lawsuit against the Netherlands over a hike in fuel taxes. The judge on Friday rejected their petition for the Dutch government to pay an advance on damages they suffer as a result from climbing taxes, sending their customers to cheaper filling stations across the border.

Dec 4 '14 13:13

Two filling stations in the border region filed a legal suit against the State of the Netherlands. They say that they were severely affected by the consequences of the tax increase which came in force early this year.

Jun 8 '13 12:02

Cigarettes in the Netherlands now cost as twice as they did ten years ago due to rising taxes, according to Dutch statistics bureau CBS.

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