Soft drinks
Sep 6 '17 13:10

By the end of next year, Dutch soft drink producers will stop selling sugar-filled soft drinks at high schools in the Netherlands, Raymond Gianotten, director of the Dutch Association for Soft Drinks Waters and Juices, said to RTL Nieuws. By the end of 2018, only light variants of soft drinks will be available at high schools.

"We want to help young people make a healthier choice", Gianotten said. "There are still some ongoing contracts, but as far as we are concerned, this will be done as soon as possible."

Aug 4 '17 15:30

Special gluten-free products are not always a healthier alternative to regular products, consumers association Consumentenbond reports. A study done by the association revealed that gluten-free products often contain more fat, sugar and/or salt and less fiber than similar products with gluten, ANP reports.

The association compared the ingredient lists of five gluten-free A-brand products to similar products containing gluten. The results told a scary tale.

Nov 7 '16 13:45

According to the Dutch Diabetic Foundation, the Netherlands is unconsciously addicted to sugar. The foundation is therefore opening temporary sugar "rehab clinic" on Leidsestraat in Amsterdam on Monday. This "clinic" is actually an information center about sugar, AT5 reports.

"We chose Leidsestraat because it is a sweet street, with many temptations, shops full of candy, ice cream and chocolate", a spokesperson for the foundation said to the broadcaster. A massive 80 percent of Dutch consume too much sugar, the foundation says.

Aug 1 '16 15:35

Supermarket chain Albert Heijn is joining the fight against sugar. From the end of this year, the supermarket will reduce the sugar content of hundreds of its home brand products and launch new products with no added sugar

Feb 26 '16 14:40

Dutch consumers are increasingly staying away from sugar-filled products like soft drinks and sweets. Many companies with sugary products saw their turnover in the Dutch market fall last year, according to figures from market researcher IRI

Nov 5 '15 11:54

Cut back on eating meat. Completely stop drinking alcohol, or limit yourself to a maximum of 1 glass per day. Eat at least 15 grams of unsalted nuts a day and have legumes on the table at least once a week.

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