More Dutch consumers saying “no” to sugary drinks, snacks

Candy (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/St0rmz). (Candy (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/St0rmz))

Dutch consumers are increasingly staying away from sugar-filled products like soft drinks and sweets. Many companies with sugary products saw their turnover in the Dutch market fall last year, according to figures from market researcher IRI, NOS reports.

Coca-Cola saw its sales in Dutch market fall by almost 9 percent. Soft drink brand Wicky saw its sales decline by 11 percent. Other soft drink brands had the same problem. Appeseintje had 7 percent less sales, Fanta 4.5 percent less and Roosvicee 16 percent less.

Sugary snacks and foods producers also saw a decline in sales. Dessert maker Mona sold 10 percent less, Danone's sales fell by 2 percent, De Ruijter's by 3 percent, cookie producer Lu's by 8 percent, and sugar and syrup manufacturer Van Gilse's sales fell by 11 percent.

"Consumers are increasingly aware of nutrition and are increasingly critical about the ingredients in our daily food", Sjanny van Beekveld of IRI said to NOS. "It is further encouraged by all the media attention in programs like Kassa or De Keuringsdienst van Waarde."

Where sugary companies lost out on Dutch markets last year, companies taking advantage of the less-sugar trend gained. Spa mineral waters saw a sales increase of 8.7 percent, Lipton ice teas sold 4 percent more, Alpro sales increased by 7 percent and Zonnatura increased sales by 14 percent. According to IRI, these brands paid lots of attention to reduced sugars and saturated fats in their products and advertised them as healthier alternatives.