Long lines at Schiphol airport, 23 Apr 2017
Aug 25 '17 14:20

Schiphol's profits for the first half of 2017 were pressured by extra measures the airport had to take to deal with the summer crowds. The airport booked a net profit of 117 million euros, 3 percent less than in the same period last year, Schiphol announced on Friday, ANP reports.

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Jul 28 '17 10:15

Air France-KLM booked a profit of 367 million euros in the last quarter, about nine times higher than the 41 million euros of profit made in the second quarter of 2016. Revenues increased by over 6 percent. The Dutch branch of the airline combination was the driving force behind the profit and revenue increases, NOS reports.

The French-Dutch airline can mainly attribute the growing profits and revenues to a sharp increase in passenger numbers. In April, May and June, 26 million people traveled with Air France-KLM, 7.5 percent more than a year before.

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Feb 16 '17 09:07

French-Dutch airline group Air France-KLM saw a significant increase in profits over 2016. The net profit for the company amounted to 792 million euros last year, compared to 118 million in 2015. The operating result also increased sharply to 1.05 billion euros, reports

The company benefited from cost cutting measures and a lower fuel bill. But did suffer from an increasing global pressure on ticket prices.

Feb 14 '17 09:20

Translink, the company behind the Netherlands' public transit card, made a massive 55 million euros in profits over the past five years, newspaper AD reports. According to the newspaper, consumer organizations are absolutely shocked by this revelation as it was always said that the card only covers costs.

Heineken Experience, Amsterdam
Aug 1 '16 14:05

Heineken sold more beer in almost all parts of the world during the first half of 2016. Increased sales boosted the Dutch brewer's net profits, which increased 7 percent to 977 million euros during the first six months

May 10 '16 10:43

Dutch bank ING recorded a net profit of 1.3 billion euros in the first quarter of 2016, compared to 1.8 billion euros in net profit the bank made in the same period last year. Excluding once-off windfalls and set backs, the profits dropped 29 percent to 842 million euros

Feb 26 '16 14:40

Dutch consumers are increasingly staying away from sugar-filled products like soft drinks and sweets. Many companies with sugary products saw their turnover in the Dutch market fall last year, according to figures from market researcher IRI

Feb 26 '16 13:50

Triodos bank saw a massive profit increase of 35 percent last year. The bank's clients increased by 15 percent, which means it had to put less money aside for bad loans

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Nov 4 '15 14:30

Dutch bank ING has benefited from the recovery of the Dutch economy, showing a 14 percent increase in its profits over the past year. On Wednesday ING reported pofits of 1.06 billion euros for the third quarter, this being up from 928 million euros last year. Profits were aided by the 25.8 percent interest still held in former insurance subsidiary NN.

ABN Amro
Aug 21 '15 10:01

In the second quarter of this year ABN Amro achieved its best results since the banks nationalization in 2008. The bank made a profit of 600 million euros in the second quarter - with non-recurring items excluded, that is almost double compared to the same quarter last year

Aug 20 '15 14:10

The recovering Dutch economy is good news for Rabobank. In the first half of this year the bank booked a profit of 1.5 billion euros, an increase of 41 percent compared to last year.

Aug 20 '15 11:44

Supermarket group Ahold saw an increase in both turnover and profits in what CEO Dick Boer calls "a strong second quarter".

Jun 18 '15 16:29

A reportedly dire situation at the Dutch branch of KPMG is prompting the firm to seek assistance in reorganization from its international office, writes De Telegraaf. The company is facing a decreasing market share and profit margins and a departure of some of its key partners.

making money
May 15 '15 17:40

Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises are generally performing better as compared to previous years, reports the accounting firms network SRA based on a survey of 3,200 businesses. Average turnover of SMEs in the Netherlands increased in 2014 by 3.9 percent.

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May 7 '15 16:23

ING bank reported a net result of 1.18 billion for the first quarter of 2015. This is a 43 percent improvement on the result from a year ago, and more than double the amount earned in the fourth quarter of 2014. Including the performance of the insurance branch, ING showed a net result of 1.77 billion in the first quarter.

May 7 '15 15:32

The chemicals producer DSM is going to contribute part of the profits to help alleviate the consequences of the earthquake in Nepal, reports BRN. CEO of the company, Feike Sijbesma is calling onto other companies to join the initiative.

Achmea Holding
Mar 10 '15 15:13

Profits of the insurer Achmea decreased drastically over the previous year, reaching the level of 16 million euros, reports De Telegraaf. The contraction is dramatic compared to 2013 when Achmea accumulated over 120 million euros in profits over the first two quarters en route to a 344 million euro profit for the year.

Heineken Experience, Amsterdam
Feb 11 '15 10:17

Last year was a good year for Heineken. The group sold 2 percent more beer than in 2013 and profits increased by 11 percent to 1.5 billion euros. Heineken CEO Jean-Francois van Boxmeer expects that the turnover and profits will continue to rise this year, despite uncertainty in emerging markets.

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Feb 4 '15 12:53

Telecom company KPN saw a decline in profits in 2014. Last year the group made 239 million euros in profit, 18 percent less than the previous year, KPN announced on Wednesday. The turnover fell by 4.6 percent to 8 billion euros. The company also announced some changes in its supervisory boar

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