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solar energy
Apr 26 '16 13:05

Solar panels may soon be installed on the rooftops of 19 above-ground subway stations in Amsterdam. The goal is to save on energy and reduce the subway's CO2 emissions

Mar 29 '16 14:45

The GVB starts renovations on 16 subway stations on Amsterdam's Oostlijn (East Line) today. The renovations will take about two years and cost some 57 million euros. All 16 stations will be upgraded with a modern look, including brighter spaces, modern elevators and extra escalators at busier places.

Nov 5 '15 15:30

Transporter RET launched an experiment with music and scents in subway stations in Rotterdam this week. The idea is that more pleasant surroundings will lead to calmer commuters.

Apr 15 '15 09:54

The municipality of Amsterdam and GVB are working towards a cleaner city with public transport that is completely emission-free, the municipality announced in a press release on Wednesday. GVB's fleet will be replaced with electric buses and vans and solar panels on the GVB buildings and subway stations will generate renewable energy.

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