Renovation of 16 Amsterdam subway stations begins today

Amsterdam subway, GVB train 39B on line 53 (Photo: Roel Hemkes/Wikimedia Commons)Amsterdam subway, GVB train 39B on line 53 (Photo: Roel Hemkes/Wikimedia Commons)

The GVB starts renovations on 16 subway stations on Amsterdam's Oostlijn (East Line) today. The renovations will take about two years and cost some 57 million euros. All  16 stations will be upgraded with a modern look, including brighter spaces, modern elevators and extra escalators at busier places.

Here follows an overview of what will happen at each station over the next years, according to AT5:

Renovations are being launched at the Holendrecht station. The northern entrance will be closed from today for three months. Then the entrance to the AMC hospital will be closed. Renovations at this station will take six months - from today until late September.

From June or July the subway station and Central Station will be tackled. These renovations will also happen in phases and are expected to last until April 2017.

Gaasperplas station's renovation is expected to start in October. This station will close completely and is expected to last only six weeks. GVB will deploy buses for stranded travelers.

Reigerbos and Waterlooplein will also be tackled in October. Renovations at Reigerbos are expected to last between one and three months, Waterloo six months. Both stations will be accessible during the renovations.

Renovations at the Spaklerweg, Bullewijk and Wibautstraat stations are expected to start in December 2016 or January 2017. The renovations will be done in stages at all three stations and will take about 6 months.

Nieuwmarkt and Strandvliet stations' renovations wills start in April 2017 and June 2017 respectively. Both stations will be renovated in stages and the work will take around six months.

Weesperplein stations' renovations will start in July 2017. This is one of the busiest stations on the Oostlijn and the renovations will also take the longest - around nine months. The station will be accessible all through the renovations, but travelers may experience some inconvenience.

Renovations at Venserpolder station will start in July 2017 and those at Verrijn Stuartweg will start three months later. Both stations will close completely and GVB will deploy buses to take passengers to their destinations.

The last to stations to be renovated are Diemen-Zuid and Gein, set to start in November 2017 if all goes well. The renovations at these stations will take about six months, and the intention is to have them done at the same time as those at weesperplein station - April 2018