State Secretary Eric Wiebes

Feb 10 '15 14:11

The Tweede Kamer (lower house of parliament) will receive a confidential and technical briefing on the agreements made between the tax authorities and the United States coffee chain Starbucks, Secretary of State Eric Wiebes (Finance) promised today.

Nov 21 '14 08:29

Sex workers who work without a contract with the government will soon have the tax authorities after them. State Secretary Eric Wiebes of Finance made this promise in a letter to the Second Chamber.

Nov 13 '14 13:06

The European Commission has reasonable doubts about the tax deal between US coffee chain Starbucks and the Dutch tax authorities. The commission wants to make its concerns known this week.

Nov 13 '14 12:03

The 5 to 6 million Dutch who will receive an additional tax from the tax authorities in the spring, will get four months extra to pay it.

Sep 19 '14 08:26

The Netherlands treasury believes that €60 million has disappeared due to mistakes and fraud in childcare subsidies. These mistakes have cost €443 million, BN De Stem writes.

Jun 26 '14 13:19

The Dutch Tax Administration Service (Belastingdienst) will introduce a new website feature in which clients can report mistakes. Nothing will be "kept under wraps", according to State Secretary Wiebes in Parliament, and the Tax office will communicate mistakes openly.

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