Tax cheat prostitutes draw Finance Sec's ire

Red Light District (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/LeDeuxAlpe)Red Light District (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/LeDeuxAlpe)

Sex workers who work without a contract with the government will soon have the tax authorities after them. State Secretary Eric Wiebes of Finance made this promise in a letter to the Second Chamber.

With this Wiebes honors complaints from around 300 club owners and escort agencies who have been working with the government since 2009. Both the sector and the government would like to continue this 5 year old cooperation. Club owners have discovered that their contracts with the government cause a little more administrative work, but also less hassle with the tax authorities. The tax authorities can, without much effort, count on a steady stream of income.

According to Wiebes, the success of the scheme is apparent from the fact that almost all club owners and escort agencies had chosen to continue the cooperation at the beginning of this year.

However, club owners and sex workers feel that the tax authorities should have a stricter approach to illegal prostitution, otherwise they have a competitive disadvantage.