Some 30 failed asylum seekers under We Are Here occupy an empty office building on Reigersbos in Amsterdam Zuidoost, 27 Nov 2016
Nov 28 '16 08:56

A group of failed asylum seekers known under the name We Are Here is squatting in another Amsterdam building. The group of about 30 failed asylum seekers tookup residence in an office building on Reigersbos in Zuidoost, the group announced on Facebook.

Before moving into this building, the people were living in buildings on Rijswijkstraat. They come from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan, according to Het Parool. They've been put out on the street by the municipality of Amsterdam about 20 times, according to them. 

Sep 8 '15 10:37

A group of students calling themselves the Spinhuis Collective has decided to occupy the dungeon space under the Torensluis on the Singel in the center of Amsterdam, where they want to open a new student study cafe.

Aug 7 '15 15:25

After 13 years squatters will be leaving their stronghold Villa Friekens on Kadoelenweg in Amsterdam Noord in November. The owner of the property has decided to build houses on the site.

Jul 20 '15 14:45

Squatters have made a home for themselves on the Amstel Island - a former shipyard on an island in the Amstel river between Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and Amstelveen. There are plans for this island to be converted into an enclave for the very wealthy.

Mar 25 '15 20:25

The last of several squatted buildings in Amsterdam Centrum was cleared by police Wednesday evening following an hours-long standoff between the officers on the ground and the squatters. By early afternoon, at least eight people were arrested, with 11 more suspects processed by nightfall.

Paint-bombed police vehicle Dam Square March 25, 2015
Mar 25 '15 11:23

The police have started evacuating squatters from the complex known as the Tabakspanden on Spuistraat in Amsterdam, NRC reports.

Mar 25 '15 08:15

Squatters have reoccupied the Slangenpand on Spuistraat in Amsterdam and built barricades, which they set on fire. They are protesting against the development plans for the building.

Aug 27 '14 14:55

An asylum seeker broke a vertebra and suffered brain hemorrhage last night when he crashed through a stairway balustrade in a home in Amsterdam in which 80 refugees are squatting.

Huis ter Horst
Jun 13 '14 11:26

The hunter's lodge in the back yard of villa De Eikenhorst, the home of King Willem-Alexander, is being occupied by squatters. The owner is now taking measures to remove the unwanted guests, the Algemeen Dagblad (AD) reports.

May 7 '14 11:18

Squatters in the Valreep squat on the Polderweg in Amsterdam East are heavily resisting their forced eviction from the building. Because they have been organizing several actions, they do not see the justification in being told to leave the old animal sanctuary before the 21st of July, AT5 reports.

Apr 3 '14 08:24

A group of Iraqis who have been denied asylum in The Netherlands are squatting in front of the doors of the refugee organization VluchtelingenWerk Nederland on the Surinameplein in Amsterdam.

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