Sloterplas dead newborn

Aug 31 '16 15:30

The police received more than 125 tips in the case regarding a dead baby found hidden in bushes at Amsterdam's Sloterplas on June 8th, a spokesperson said on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday. It is unclear whether any of these tips contained useful information.

Aug 29 '16 10:43

A DNA investigation on the body of a baby boy found hidden in some bushes at Amsterdam's Sloterplas in June, revealed that the baby boy is most likely descended from North Africa and the northern edges of the Mediterranean sea, the police announced. The baby boy will be buried in Amsterdam on Monday.

Jul 13 '16 10:05

The police released more details regarding a baby found dead at Amsterdam's Sloterplas last month on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday. Investigating officers hope that information from the public could lead to the discovery of the baby's mother.

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