Safe Traffic Netherlands

Aug 21 '17 07:51

After six weeks of relatively quiet roads, commuters can expect more traffic on Monday as schools in the central regions of the Netherlands reopen after the summer holiday. Safe traffic association VVN warns motorists to keep a wary eye out for children crossing the road or cycling to school today, AD reports.

Aug 19 '15 08:54

The average speed check zone on the A2 highway between Utrecht and Amsterdam accounted for 31 percent of all issued speeding fines in the Netherlands last year, with 48 million euros of fines collected from there. A total of 989 thousand people received a speeding fine on that stretch of highway.

Jul 8 '15 10:38

The number of fines issued for cycling without lights decreased significantly in 2014 compared to 2011. Last year 44,316 of these fines were issued, compared to 73,008 in 2011, AD reports based on figures from the Central Collection agency.

Oct 31 '14 13:51

Safe Traffic Netherlands (VVN) has introduced a bicycle exam for seniors. They are often the victims of traffic accidents.

Aug 12 '13 04:57

Safe Traffic Netherlands (Veilig Verkeer Nederland – VVN) calls on parents to check the bikes of their children very well at the start of the new school year. "There is often something wrong with the brakes or the lights. Also the bell is often missing," said a spokesman of VVN on Saturday.

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