Jul 26 '16 13:10

Belgian brewer AB InBev decided to increase its takeover bid for rival SABMiller to compensate for the deprecation of the British-South African company because of the looming Brexit, AB InBev announced on Tuesday

Apr 19 '16 09:22

AB InBev accepted a bid from Japanese brewer Asahi to buy certain SABMiller brands. The Japanese brewer will by 2.55 billion euros for Dutch brewery Grolsch, Italian brewery Peroni and small British brewery Meantime, AB InBev announced in a press release on Tuesday.

Feb 10 '16 08:37

Japanese brewer Asahi Group Holdings agreed to buy SABMiller beer brands Grolsch and Peroni in a 3.5 billion dollar deal

Dec 18 '15 11:46

Beer combination AB InBev-SAB Miller may be selling off Grolsch and Italian beer brand Peroni within the next three months.

Dec 3 '15 10:42

Beer brand Grolsch is officially up for sale, AB InBev and SABMiller announced on Thursday. The reason for the sale is to ease European regulatory' authorities concerns on competition considerations in the AB InBev - SABMiller merge.

Nov 30 '15 15:55

Should the acquisition of SABMiller go through, AB InBev plans to sell off two of its former rival's biggest brands - Grolsch and Peroni - in an effort to ease European regulatory authorities' concern about the pending merge.

Nov 11 '15 13:24

Beer giants Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller have reached an agreement in which AB InBev will take over rival SABMiller in a 71 billion pound deal, converts to slightly more than 100 billion euros. This deal will combine the world's two largest beer makers into a company that will produce about 30 percent of the world's beer.

Sep 16 '15 14:00

Brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev has approached SABMiller with a takeover plan that would create a combined company with a market value about 250 billion dollars. This takeover would merge two of the largest beer brewers in the world.

May 11 '15 18:07

Beer brand Grolsch celebrated its 400th birthday with a video of people "popping" open their iconic flip-top bottlse of Grolsch beer. All the videos are played to the same theme, "Craftmanship is Mastery" ("Vakmanschap is meesterschap"), the tune the brewery used in its commercials for a number of years.

Sep 15 '14 08:16

SABMiller, the second-biggest beer brewer in the world, announced an interest to buy Dutch beer company Heineken on Sunday. On Monday, Heineken has rejected the offer, wishing to remain an independent company, the NOS reports.

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