Feb 25 '15 18:37

Amsterdam has been named one of the contenders for the new global edition of Monopoly called "Here & Now." Hasbro and Buzzfeed have joined forces in a new project in which people get to vote on what cities make it onto the new Monopoly board.

Sep 18 '14 11:39

All traffic in above and near Deventer, including train, air and shipping traffic, will be halted next week Saturday after the discovery of two WWII bombs, which the Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit of Defense will have to safely remove, RTV Oost reports.

Aug 28 '14 11:07

In Liberia, Dutch Anneke de Kok-Quoi and her Liberian husband have started a campaign to prevent the spread of Ebola. Her message is one of sanitation, as she donates free buckets with lids for people to wash their hands with. This prevents infection. The Algemeen Dagblad reports.

André Kuipers
May 12 '14 16:10

André Kuipers is working on two projects that hope to depict his experiences in space. The astronaut is writing a theater play for children, and also functions as jury member for a new film prize.

Niger Delta
May 6 '14 10:08

The Dutch people who were kidnapped in Nigeria have a ransom price of €10 million in cash on their heads. Nigerian police report that all three hostages are still alive, according to RTL Nieuws.

Niger Delta
May 5 '14 10:21

Nigerian militants have kidnapped three Dutch nationals from the Niger Delta on Sunday, two men and one woman, as well as two Nigerians accompanying the Dutch nationals. The kidnapping took place after heavy gunfire at Letugbene, a boundary community between Delta and Bayelsa State, local news states.

Apr 28 '14 15:51

The biggest crowd-funding platform in the world has existed for five years, and has now opened its doors to the Netherlands. Kickstarter has already got the first Dutch-made products in waiting for funding.

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