Cockpit of Air France
Dec 21 '16 13:45

Dutch pilots association VNV is worried that aviation safety falls below budgeting interests on the priority lists of especially low-cost airlines, a spokesperson said to NRC. The association calls for measures to improve safety in air traffic.

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Dec 16 '16 15:00

KLM and pilots union VNV reached an agreement on a pension scheme for the pilots, the union confirmed to NU.nl. This means that all planned labor actions are now off the table and both parties stopped ongoing lawsuits. 

According to VNV, with this agreement KLM is preventing "rising labor unrest among its pilot corps". The union would not expand on the price details of the agreement.

Transavia airplanes at Schiphol
Oct 24 '16 12:05

A Transavia flight attendant and her jilted husband are appearing in the court in The Hague on Monday. The court will decide whether a diary containing the flight attendant's alleged sexual escapades with pilots may be made public, RTL Nieuws reports. 

Transavia airplanes at Schiphol
Oct 11 '16 10:20

Scandal is brewing at Transavia. "A female flight attendant had various sexual encounters with other crew members, including pilots in the cockpit, during work hours," according to a journal she kept at home, her husband claims. Her spouse claims he found the digital diary she kept about her extramarital affairs and is now threatening to publish the escapades in detail, the

Aug 10 '16 07:35

Pilots union VNV has given KLM an ultimatum - if the airline does not take cutbacks on the pilots' pensions off the table by Friday, the pilots will turned to court, KLM confirmed to news wire ANP.

Jul 22 '16 11:55

EasyJet pilots will soon be striking again, Joost van Doesburg of pilots union VNV said to NU.nl on Friday. "I can't say when the actions will take place exactly. The judge implemented a ban for the next two days, but actions will follow shortly"

Jun 8 '16 15:30

Easyjet pilots and crew stationed in Amsterdam are planing protest actions for a better collective bargaining agreement. In the coming weeks this will mean strikes that can lead to delays or even cancelled flights, Dutch pilots association VNV announced on Wednesday

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Apr 8 '16 09:56

KLM subsidiary MartinAir is laying off 37 pilots. According to the company, the layoffs are inevitable because the pilots refused to agree to scaled down collective bargaining agreement and part-time work

Mar 14 '16 09:46

The association of Dutch pilots VNV is calling for peer-operated self-help groups to help pilots suffering from depression or battling with addiction

Nov 11 '15 14:19

The police are looking for the person responsible for hindering hundreds of Schiphol flights by shining a laser pointer on them. The police received about 70 tips on this case during the course of Wednesday after Opsporing Verzocht broadcast details about it on Tuesday evening.

KLM boeing 787
Sep 8 '15 14:54

KLM threatens to lose its independence within the Air France-KLM group if the nearly 3 thousand pilots do not soon agree to the controversial collective bargaining agreement made by pilot association VNV and the airline.

Jul 10 '15 12:41

KLM will announce further restructuring measures in September. According to CEO Pieter Elbers, these measures are a "logical approach" to accelerate the existing cost cutting program and enable the airline to reach the 700 million euro target in 2018, instead of in 2020.

Jun 3 '15 09:04

The D66 wants pilots to regularly undergo a mandatory psychological test. With this they hope to prevent future tragedies like the Germanwings accident in March, which was caused by the psychologically troubled co-pilot Andreas Lubitz.

Jun 2 '15 17:28

A new video shot from a Dutch F-16 fighter jet shows the Netherlands pilot engaged in a combat simulation dogfight with an American F-15 fighter. The video was published by the Netherlands Ministry of Defense earlier on Tuesday, and takes place in the skies above the North Sea.

Flight Deck
May 18 '15 13:35

Pilots working as either freelancers or under zero-hour contracts creates an unsafe situation for the flying public, several Dutch members of European Parliament said this week. The politicians responded to a report from the University of Ghent, which stated half of the pilots for budget airlines are working as freelancers.

Mar 19 '15 17:54

The pilots of Lufthansa will go back on strike on Friday, reports the airline's website. All Friday flights from Amsterdam to Frankfurt and at least one flight to Munich are cancelled.

Jan 29 '15 12:07

KLM pilots have no confidence in Air France's promise that the control of finances will remain with KLM.

Oct 31 '14 10:42

The Air Force is dealing with a worrying shortage in the recruitment of new pilots for both F-16s an helicopters.

Oct 20 '14 10:38

At Schiphol there is a growing fear of the deadly Ebola disease among pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

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Oct 17 '14 13:26

Air France pilots will back a planned expansion of Transavia after ongoing talks between Air France and union representation. Parent company Air France-KLM announced Thursday they will begin expansion of Transavia beginning next summer with up to 14 Boeing 737 airplanes, according to Z24

Oct 7 '14 11:13

Air France-KLM is creating a new discount airline to compete with the likes of RyanAir and EasyJet, the union representing Air France's pilots told newspaper Le Parisien. The news comes a week after the union ended an impactful strike over cutbacks at Air France and the firm's investment in budget airline Transavia, a work action that grounded flights for two weeks in September and cost an estimated €400 million.

Oct 2 '14 09:41

The Dutch Parliament will meet today to discuss the country's military contribution to the international struggle against ISIS, which is supported by a large majority of House Representatives, Het Parool reports.

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Aug 11 '14 09:25

Dutch pilots and crew have expressed concerns about their safety when flying to Nigeria where the Ebola virus is raging, Tel Aviv because of the Hamas conflict and until recently Iraq,

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Nov 5 '13 11:30

Young pilots, who are unable to pay off their students loans, have decided to take ABN Amro to court.

Nos television reports that 60 pilots are taking the bank to court because they say it is difficult for them to pay back the loans of up to €125,000.

The group of young pilots wants the bank to reduce the amount of debts to proportions which normal people can pay off. They also want the bank to set up a payment scheme for young pilots.

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