Pieter Baan Centrum

Apr 23 '15 09:47

Bart van U., 39, has confessed to killing his sister. Van U. is also a suspect in the murder of former minister Els Borst.

Apr 16 '15 17:29

The 39-year old man, Bart van U., will appear in court on Friday to face chargers of murdering his sister. He is also suspected of murdering former D66 party elder and former Health Minister Els Borst.

Oct 2 '14 13:33

In the case against swim coach Jocob V. (28) from Soest, the defenses asked the court in Haarlem on Thursday to hear the victims testify. Lawyer Xander Sijmons also wants access to conversations that parents conducted at a private forum.

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Feb 20 '14 10:29

Patrick S. has admitted to his involvement in the murder of Farida Zargar in 2010 at the court of justice in The Hague on Wednesday.

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