Aug 9 '16 12:00

The police arrested a total of 21 pickpockets during EuroPride in Amsterdam, five of which were caught after the stole a special bait-phone equipped with a tracking system. The two week long LGBT Pride festival ended this weekend with the traditional Canal Parade on Saturday and closing party on Sunday.

Aug 5 '16 11:15

In the fight against pickpockets during EuroPride currently ongoing in Amsterdam, the Dutch police are using so-called bait phones in an attempt to catch pickpockets in the act, the police said in a statement.

Jul 21 '16 09:18

The Amsterdam police are warning people attending EuroPride parties in the coming weeks to keep an eye out for pickpockets. Together with the Amsterdam municipality, the police launched a campaign to give party goers tips on how to make sure they go home with all their belongings.

Jun 22 '16 07:59

A man and woman were arrested in Spain last week in connection with a large international investigation into child trafficking and exploitation. The investigation was launched in Amsterdam last year when the Dutch police noticed that kids were being used for pickpocketing, shoplifting and thefts in the city, the police announced on Wednesday.

Jun 9 '16 09:53

The number of reports about physical violence and aggression aimed at train personnel is down 23 percent, though reports on other types of incidents and disturbances increased, State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Infrastructure wrote to parliament. Disturbances caused by beggars, musicians and vagrants increased significantly.

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May 23 '16 08:16

Amsterdam was once again the most unsafe city in the Netherlands last year, according to Dutch newspaper AD's annual crime meter for 2015.

Apr 26 '16 12:15

The Amsterdam police are warning King's Day party attendees to keep an eye out for pickpockets during the festivities tomorrow. Extra officers will be on the streets on Wednesday to help trace stolen phones.

Aug 19 '15 14:25

The Amsterdam police's Find my phone app campaign against pickpockets, which was first launched during Amsterdam Gay Pride a few weeks ago, will also be in effect during Sail Amsterdam.

Aug 4 '15 14:52

The police arrested 14 pickpockets from Poland, Romania and the Netherlands during the Amsterdam Gay Pride, which took place between July 25th and August 2nd this year. So far 155 people reported a pickpocket crime during that week.

Gay Pride Amsterdam
Jul 31 '15 14:22

With the Amsterdam Gay Pride boat parade happening tomorrow, the police are once again warning visitors to be careful of pickpockets and to protect their mobile phones.

Jul 27 '15 15:42

The Amsterdam police are teaming up with an international team to fight against pickpocketing during the Gay Pride this weekend. As pickpockets often have different nationalities and operate in several countries, the international team will help the police quickly determine whether a suspect was previously active as a pickpocket

Nov 23 '13 13:42

The military police arrested two children Friday, during a surveillance on the A67 at Venlo, who had a large amount of jewelry and gold with them, hidden in clothing and bread.

Aug 29 '13 04:58

Colleagues from Romania will reinforce the Amsterdam police team to tackle pickpockets, writes Mayor Eberhard van der Laan in a letter to the council. The aid consists of the exchange of information about the perpetrators.

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