pension system

May 29 '18 08:42

The outlook for the Netherlands economy is still positive, the International Monetary Fund said in its annual report on the Netherlands. The IMF again raised concerns about the growth of wages in the country being smaller than other countries with comparable economies. Annual wage growth in the Netherlands is around 1 percent, too little to compensate for inflation, the IMF said, NOS and ANP report.

Oct 19 '15 16:55

The Netherlands has the second best pension system in the world, coming in behind Denmark in the seventh edition of the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index. The Netherlands passes Australia in this years’ index to finish second, and results indicate the success to be in the increased savings of households.

Jul 6 '15 15:07

The Cabinet is planning some big changes in the pension system. They want to give people a better understanding of their own personal pension accrual and to get rid of the current averages system. The government believes that this would help all workers build up an adequate pension.

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