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Jun 14 '19 07:41

Dutch fathers want to be more involved in the care of their baby after the birth of their child, but in practice that rarely happens. Thus far they've made little use of their parental leave, knowledge center Rutgers said in it's report 'The State of Dutch Fathers. Paternity leave in the Netherlands', NOS and RTL report.

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Apr 5 '19 13:01

The European Parliament this week passed new legislation to expand paternal leave after the birth of a child and paid parental leave, and though The Netherlands opposed European interference in what it sees as a national issue, the country will definitely comply with the rules when adopted, confirmed Social Affairs Minister Wouter Koolmees. It will expand on the paid leave already offered in The Netherlands if agreed by European Council.

Feb 21 '18 14:40

From next year the partner of a new mother will get five days' paid leave after the birth of their child, Minister Wouter Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment announced on Wednesday. Currently partners only get two days of paid leave after the birth of their child, NOS reports.

Feb 16 '18 09:15

The Dutch social economic council SER wants to combine maternity leave and paternity leave into one arrangement in which both parents get six weeks' paid leave after the birth of a child, reports.

The different conditions and ways of financing that currently apply to maternity and paternity or partner leave are too complicated and insufficient, according to the council. 

Jan 23 '18 13:40

While the government is still working on plans for longer paternity leave, Dutch companies are taking the lead in this field. More and more businesses in the Netherlands are offering new fathers more paid leave when their child is born, BNR reports.

The coalition agreement for the Rutte III government states that paid paternity leave will increase from two days to five days from 2019 onwards. But a number of Dutch businesses are deciding not to wait for that.

Jul 18 '17 12:00

ING employees in the Netherlands will soon have the right to a month's paid paternity leave at the birth of a new child, according to the new collective bargaining agreement the bank made with unions FNV Finance, De Unie and CNV Vakmensen. This appointment also applies to non-biological mothers, reports. 

Apr 11 '17 16:05

Fathers deserve to have just as much paternity leave at the birth of their child as mothers do, according to 25 organizations united under Fathers Want Leave. Fathers in the Netherlands currently get two days paid leave and can take another three days unpaid leave. But if it is up to Fathers Want Leave, new dads will get three months of paid paternity leave - the same as new moms.

"We want fathers to be able to spend as much time as mothers with their newborn baby. That's three months", Ilse Smit, campaign leader, said to BNR.

Dec 13 '16 09:56

Over the past 10 years the number of new fathers in the Netherlands who take paternity leave doubled. Despite this, it is still only 11 percent of new dads that take time off work to care for their kids, according to the Emancipation Monitor 2016 published by Statistics Netherlands and social and cultural planning office SCP on Tuesday, the Volkskrant reports.

According to the researchers, this increase in fathers taking paternity lave can be mostly attributed to the younger generation. Young mothers now less often work less after the birth of a child than before. 

Nov 1 '16 11:15

If it is up to Lodewijk Asscher, Deputy Prime Minister and Minsiter of Social Affairs and Employment, fathers of newborn babies in the Netherlands would get muchlonger paternity leave. He believes the Netherlands needs a better balance between private life and work, he said to BNR.

Sep 29 '16 14:20

The PvdA wants it to be possible for people to retire at the age of 65 if that is what they want. The party is calling for a flexible retirement age in its election program

Aug 25 '16 09:35

The D66 wants three months of paid paternity leave - one of the points in the party's election campaign set to be presented on Friday. According to Statistics Netherlands' calculations, this will cost around 200 million euros a year

Aug 8 '16 13:35

More and more new Dutch fathers are making use of their paternity leave, though the number that do is still relatively small. Over the past decade the percentage almost doubled, according to figures BNR requested from Statistic Netherlands.

Feb 18 '16 14:35

Dutch employees are relatively well cared for, especially when it comes to sick leave or unemployment. A study done by American job site Glassdoor, in which it ranked the social benefits of 14 European countries and compared it to America, ranked the Netherlands as 4th most generous. Denmark, France and Spain got the first thee places

Jan 6 '16 08:43

Breda internet marketing company Yonego is giving their male employees four weeks of paid paternity leave after the birth of their child. This was implemented on January 1st

Sep 30 '15 09:40

PvdA (Labour) MP Keklik Yucel wants an extension paid parental leave in the Netherlands to six months after the birth of a baby, of which two months would be allocated for the child's father. Yucel will raise the issue in Wednesday's parliamentary debate with Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher.

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Sep 15 '15 16:49

The Netherlands is emerging from the crisis stronger. Things are going better than expected, but still not good enough, according to Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem while presenting the Budget Memorandum to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament. As per tradition, Dijsselbloem presented the Budget in the same briefcase his predecessor Lieftinck used to present the budget in 1946 after World War II. Dijsselbloem called the briefcase "a small symbol of recovery".

Sep 11 '15 16:14

The Netherlands is back among the economic leaders in Europe, but we must stay sober. The better figures does not mean that everyone in the Netherlands is profiting. Unrest abroad also has consequences for the Netherlands. The Netherlands has to prepare for the arrival of more refugees. Keep track. The plan for next year is that employment, purchasing power and growth reach more people.

Aug 21 '15 08:32

The coalition parties have extra money to spend due to a "relatively easy budget" this year. The VVD and PvdA each have 375 million euros to give away, and they will be pushing it mainly into healthcare and Defense.

Jun 17 '15 12:28

Men should get 10 days paid maternity leave after the birth of their child, instead of the current 2 days. This is one of the proposals in a report by Rugters, the knowledge center for sexuality, which was handed to Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs on Wednesday morning.

May 23 '15 18:58

This week the European Parliament worked on getting the same parental leave into the law for all European Union countries. This would benefit Dutch fathers, who currently only get two paid days leave at the birth of a child.

Oct 14 '14 14:30

A Member of Parliament will propose on Tuesday increased maternity leave for women expecting a multiple birth. CDA MP Pieter Heermabrug is scheduled to discuss the situation with Social Affairs Minister, and Deputy PM Lodewijk Asscher.

Sep 15 '14 11:28

Social Affairs Minister Lodewijk Asscher has sent Parliament legislation to arrange a new regulation that would see new fathers receive guaranteed paternity leave if the mother dies during childbirth. Mothers with premature babies will also receive 10 weeks to take care of the child at home, Elsevier reports.

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Apr 18 '14 13:50

Fathers will be able to take the maternity leave of their child's mother in the case that the mother dies during childbirth.

Dec 13 '13 12:17

VNO-NCW and MKB-Netherlands are concerned about the Dutch government plans to expand paternity leave to five days from two.


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