Dutch dads deserve three months paid paternity leave: Organizations

Fathers deserve to have just as much paternity leave at the birth of their child as mothers do, according to 25 organizations united under Fathers Want Leave. Fathers in the Netherlands currently get two days paid leave and can take another three days unpaid leave. But if it is up to Fathers Want Leave, new dads will get three months of paid paternity leave - the same as new moms.

"We want fathers to be able to spend as much time as mothers with their newborn baby. That's three months", Ilse Smit, campaign leader, said to BNR.

According to Smit, giving dads three months of paid paternity leave will cost employers about 200 million euros per year. But that is relatively not so bad, she said. Employers already manage to make up the costs of maternity leave, and will be able to do so for fathers too. "And as employer you get much in return: a more productive worker." Smit said. "It is not compulsory for fathers, but as government you should give a signal. Whether you are a father or mother, or the partner of a mother, you should have just as much time to be there for your baby."

She adds that this is also beneficial for the baby. "It results in better bonding and better development of the child. So it pays off in the long term."