Oct 9 '17 09:19

The high workload in healthcare in the Netherlands affects the health and private life of over three quarters of nurses, according to a survey profession association V&VN did among 17 thousand nurses. 64 percent of respondents also said that the quality of care is under severe pressure, AD reports.

Jul 27 '16 13:50

Over 30 percent of nurses and caregivers think that an "irresponsible" number of tasks are left up to informal caregivers, according to a survey by the nurses and carers association V&VN among nearly a thousand of its members

Mar 17 '16 10:46

A growing shortage of highly trained nurses has professional associations and healthcare organizations concerned. Sectors such as district nursing, nursing hoes and specialist departments in hospitals, like oncology and dialysis, are particularly affected by the "worrying shortage", Sonja Kersten, director of nurses' professional association V&VN.

Jan 18 '16 08:42

There seems to be a fight over teachers between the big cities. In an effort to solve their teacher shortage, Rotterdam announced a 5 thousand euro bonus for new teachers teaching difficult subjects like mathematics and science. Amsterdam alderman Eric van der Burg is advocating for a salary increase for teachers, police officers and nurses in the city.

Dec 3 '14 10:53

Doctors and nurses who have committed a serious crime, may soon no longer be allowed to work with patients. Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health wants the disciplinary court to be able to impose a total professional ban on healthcare personnel who have committed a sexual or violent offense.

Oct 16 '14 12:02

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) announced on Thursday that thirteen Dutch doctors and nurses are ready to travel to West Africa to fight Ebola.

Aug 8 '14 11:44

Dutch nationals in West African countries where the ebola virus has broken out have been asked to register themselves at the embassy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for this measure due to the speed with which the virus is spreading, the NOS reports.

Jun 27 '13 05:55

Roca-BHR, a recruiting firm based in the Netherlands, attracted over 800 Spanish applicants in 2012 for their job openings in geriatric care which requires a completion of an intensive course in Dutch, according to Reuters.

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